2023-2024 Dance Season



So you can be ready when it’s time to jump in!

5 Class Dance Card $70 ($14 per class)
10 Class Dance Card $120 ($12 per class)
Broadway Babes Copy

Broadway Babes

TUESDAYS 8:00-8:50 PM

Tap (with experience)

This class has begun anew after two years of downtime. Grab your taps and come play with us.  This extremely welcoming groups of tappers want you to come join us as we laugh and sing and tap through the 50-minute workout.  Call for more info. Very Light Cardio. Rudimentary tap steps leading to Lake Norman Dance Studio combinations an optional performances.


Starts September 7, 2022

Instructor: Miss Wendi

DSC 1163a

New Haven Newbies



Come along and follow us as we enter the novice world of jazz and tap!  Genres will alternate each week.  No Lake Norman Dance Studio experience expected. Tap shoes optional.  Tap shoes available for purchase in the lobby. Call for more info.  


Instructor: TBD

Adult Jazz Class (2)

Harlem Hotties

Time TBA

JAzz (with experience)

Join the party as we move our bodies, get the sweat on in this adult jazz class, and rock it out to our favorite hits of yesterday and today.  This class is not for first time dancers, but maybe for those who danced back in the day? Please carry-in dance shoes to avoid outside dirt on our Lake Norman Dance Studio dance floors. Call for more info.





Adult Division Silly Pose Opt

Midtown Mavens

Time TBA

Ballet (all experience levels, beginners welcome)

Let’s take it to the barre!  Whether you have previous experience or are building the courage to take your first class, we are rooting for you!!  We want you to come learn and succeed! All experience levels are welcome, all ages are welcome!  Give yourself this gift of peace and progression!  Challenge your body to work in new ways!  We’ll be here to help you achieve those Lake Norman Dance Studio goals! (No leotards required). Call for more info. Class begins September 2022.





Bronx Bombers

Bronx Bombers


Hip-hop (all experience levels, beginners welcome)

Let’s get our sweat on in this jammin’ adult hip-hop class!  Music from the 90s to today!  This Lake Norman Dance Studio class is for all experience levels including first time dancers. Please carry-in sneakers to avoid outside dirt on our dance floors. Call for more info.




Performance Opportunities

Christmas Festivals
Christmas Performance
Spring Festivals
June Recital