What does it mean?

And why is it necessary?


In the past 10-15 years, with the popularity of shows like Dance Moms and the like, we have seen a trend of adult-themed movement, music, and costumes in the world of dance. What was once an innocent past-time of artistry and grace, has now given parents pause. And for good reason.

At GCAPA, we are here to tell you that Dance still lives on as artistry and grace!! In Miss Wendi’s words, “If I can’t feel comfortable watching it with my grandfather, it doesn’t go on the stage.” Read on to hear just how and why we are going about doing that….



All of the GCAPA costumes from age 2-20 are age-appropriate and family oriented. NO 2-PIECE COSTUMES! Why do we do this? 3 reasons:

  1. It is important to us that every child be viewed as a child by all. With so much going on in the world today, it is important to GCAPA to keep our babies covered and looking age appropriate.
  2. Inhibitions are a gift that we are born with which follow us through to adulthood. When a young girl is accustomed to dancing in many 2-piece Lake Norman Dance Studio costumes, they are less inhibited going into those pre-adulthood years after 18 where parental supervision is less abundant. It is in those years that a child’s brain is still developing and choices are aplenty. If we teach them to cover up when they are younger, they will be more likely to do so in those very important years of making decisions without our help. Teaching good habits now, will help them to achieve more valued goals in life.
  3. GCAPA is all about dance and technique. We don’t feel that our children require bare bellies to prove that they can dance. Ultimately, it distracts the Lake Norman Dance Studio dancers from doing their best!

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All of our choreography from age 2-20 is age-appropriate and family oriented. NO TWERKING! Why do we do this? 3 reasons:

  1. We are teaching Lake Norman Dance Studio children HOW to dance. When you first learn to read, you must learn your ABC’s and 123’s. AT GCAPA we start with the basic steps and rhythms before moving on to sequences for choreography (words, sentences and math). These basic steps, that will grow into sequences and rhythms are impressive enough on their own without the need to insert anything else.
  2. In all the auditoriums in the country, we have yet to find a grandpa who wants to see his little darling engaging in any type of movement other than pirouettes and Lake Norman Dance Studio shuffles. We want the audience to feel comfortable and enjoy the progress that our Stars and Sparkles are making.
  3. Children will do as they are asked, for the most part, and they will teach what they learn to others. If we teach our children good habits now, they will likely continue this behavior through adulthood and surround themselves with like-minded friends.


All of our music from age 2-20 is age-appropriate and family oriented. NO SUGGESTIVE OR FOUL LANGUAGE! Why do we do this? 3 reasons:

  1. We know that children are impressionable at any age and the GCAPA CREW takes their role as ‘leaders’ very seriously. A child will emulate their beloved instructors and we want to set a good example so that they will lead good lives and BE the good example for others.
  2. While the adolescent brain is still developing and asking those tricky questions of Why? and How?, we prefer to leave the hard stuff to YOU to teach at your discretion. As older Stars begin to dive into the world of complex emotions, we will help them to express their feelings through age-appropriate music. If we broach a topic that we feel is important with current culture, has historic educational value, or will somehow add value to their emotional development, we will first make parents aware of our Lake Norman Dance Studio intention. But always know, that our first goal is to teach self-expression and not to insert our personal beliefs into your child’s delicate and impressionable psyche.
  3. Dance should be fun and challenging. It is human nature to improve. There is plenty of material that we can use as dance educators without having to rely on adult-themed lyrics or language.
My girls have been very happy here. As a parent, I appreciate the age-appropriate costume choices.

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Lainie Smith

GCAPA Parent

Loved the atmosphere and the people. Also as a dad I absolutely loved the modesty the studio provided. 10/10 recommend to anyone wanting to put their kids in dance!

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Aaron Weidel

GCAPA Parent

We appreciate the attention to appropriate dress music and movement for children.

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Joanna Maule

GCAPA Parent

Always professional, fabulous choreography, age appropriate costumes, and organized staff.

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Nicki Kincaid

GCAPA Parent