What can you expect as a GCAPA Parent?


Regular Communication

With so many ways to communicate today, and so many different preferences under one roof, GCAPA has created 2 central locations for communication.

  1.  Anything pertaining to just you is emailed.
  2.  Anything addressed to your class or the whole studio is posted on the Band app.
  3.  Handbook for all major seasons! 1. Dance Season 2. Christmas Season 3. Competitive Season 4. Recital

This form of communication makes it easy to find all the answers you’re looking for without trying to remember if it was a text, email, voicemail, Facebook message, or twitter announcement.  BTW, we don’t really use Twitter!  

Event Communication

For each event or season, we have a handbook tailored to just your child’s  class or level.  Everything in the handbook is scheduled out, priced out, and given months of thought so that all the information is final.  If ever there is a change, the class will be notified by Band or Email.

Each handbook includes, options, order forms, expectations, times, prices, Lake Norman Dance Studio locations, dates, schedules, and more.  We feel it is important for you to make an informed decision about everything we choose to opt into with full transparency.


Newcomers can easily get lost in the mix, just like starting your child at a new school.  Where to drop off/pick up, how to call out or pick-up early, etc.  Our protocols are listed in the handbook you receive when you first register for class.  We do ask that you read through these policies as soon as possible so that you don’t have to get the fish-eye from another parent in the lobby.

At the recital, we talk about audience etiquette in our introduction to help you to learn how to be a good audience member, too!  We are a school after all!


Dad Approved Everything

Everything we do at GCAPA is with consideration of your child’s age.  Never a bare belly, never an inappropriate movement, and never a foul or inappropriate song lyric.  We know that we are influencing your child, and you can rest assured that we don’t take that lightly while we protect the innocence of their childhood all the way to Senior Year!  Read more about it on our Dad-Approved Page!

No Gossip/No Drama

We all have our moments that we wish we could take back or redo.  That’s OK.  It’s the gossip and the drama that we do not permit.  If ever there is a whiff of either, we address it right away so that it’s taken care of and gone.  If we find that it is not going away, we reserve the right to ask a family to leave the Lake Norman Dance Studio so that the rest of us may live and dance in peace.


There are a plethora of events each year at our Lake Norman Dance Studio! Here is a list of events you can look forward to.  Some happen in the classroom/lobby and the rest are optional opportunities to commune and perform.

  • Theme Week: This is the week that we introduce the recital theme with characters in each class.
  • Parent Observation Weeks: Each month we open the curtains for parent viewing.  Although video is prohibited to protect proprietary material, photography is always welcome!
  • Halloweek: Dress up all week!  Tell the Stage Manager what you would like to be when you grow up and we’ll post it on a pumpkin in the window!
  • Bring a Friend Week: Each year we give out invitations for your child to hand out to his or her friends to attend a free class with YOU!  It’s always nice to bring your friends to your favorite activity!
  • Christmas Dress Rehearsal: This is where all those who have decided to perform in the community for Christmas will receive their costume rentals, take photos, and run their routines for mom if time permits.  Photos are ALL free and available for download within the week.
  • Veterans Day Parade and Performance: This event is open to all dancers to walk in the parade, but only specific levels will perform with a routine learned in class.
  • Christmas Performance Troupe: We perform at town events including (but not limited to) Birkdale Tree Lighting, Christmas in Davidson, Huntersville Christmas, and the GCAPA Spectacular.
  • Nutcracker:  Each Ballet class learns a routine in class.  They come together in the studio for a final rehearsal to learn spacing and curtain call and then they perform the following week at a theatre that includes our Nutcracker Experience which is a winter wonderland of Characters (leads) and giant props for great photographic Lake Norman Dance Studio moments!
  • Holiday Spirit Week: Wear your best holiday spirit to class and share in the joy of the season!
  • Bring a friend Week: We’re at it again, the week of Valentine’s Day.  Show your love by inviting your friends to join you for the best day of the week!
  • Wear Pink and Red: For healthy hearts and love we ask everyone to wear pink and red to dance class all week!  It’s super fun to see how the kids dress up their ponytails and buns with accessories and love!  Some wear silly socks or red tutus while we dance the week away!
  • Show Your Love: Let our stage manager know what you love about dance class and we’ll put it on a heart and post it in the window for some of the cutest and funniest responses!
  • Wear Green: For St. Patty’s week we encourage all of our dancers to include green in their attire all week just for the fun of the holiday!
  • What makes you lucky?: Tell our stage managers why you’re so lucky to dance and we’ll post it on a clover for the window!
  • Competition Season: Our competition season begins in early March with a mock competition which includes judges, costumes, and nerves!  Ask how you can get a seat in the audience for next to nothing!
  • Spitie Weeks: The week leading up to each competition is spirit week!  This means that all dancers of all ages are encouraged to wear GCAPA Blue in support of their studio’s Dance Team.  The mere sight of blue excites and encourages our dancers because of your support!
  • Picture Week:  Don’t show up to class this week.  Check the schedule for your class’ picture day and time.  Miss Wendi will take approximately 3 individual poses and 1 to 2 group poses in each costume.  Pictures are included in the recital fee and yours to keep, copy and distribute at no extra charge!
  • Parent Participation Week: Ever wonder what your dancer is working on?  You get to find out!  Take class with them (they LOVE it) and see just how hard it is to be that coordinated and rhythmically inclined!
  • Tap Mob: Each year, late in May, we celebrate the birthday of the legend Bill “Bojangles” Robinson with a Tap Mob in Birkdale Village.  We don’t announce it, but we do post about it all over social media once we get started!  Did you know that GCAPA won the first International Tap Mob Challenge held by the National Dance Foundation in 2017?
  • Recital: Our annual production is not one to miss.  GCAPA puts on a professional grade performance for parents to sit and enjoy.  Dance Team moms take turns, during alternating shows, working backstage to help our younger students race into their next costumes.  We wouldn’t get through it without them!
  • Summer Camps: Just when you thought the fun was over, it begins again!  A slough of later afternoon/early evening classes compliment the 36+ camps offered during the summer months at GCAPA.