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dance team opportunities for COMPETITIVE level dancers.


We thought it best to answer a few important facts to get you started so that you can familiarize yourself with the layout and get accustomed to what to expect.  If we have forgotten anything, please let us know.

GCAPA does not solicit students from other studios.  We firmly believe that it is important for studios to raise and train their own dancers.  We’re confident that our dancers have the most well-rounded experience in all of Lake Norman.  If you are looking to switch studios, we will ask you to follow the etiquette guidelines when making the switch to provide the commensurate respect and appreciation to your previous studio.


Many quick responses are received via veteran parents in the band app.  It’s a very busy season for the Crew, so there’s a great chance that if you can’t get one of the Crew right away or after hours, there’s a parent with some knowledge!  Just post your question and someone will lead you to the answer!  Here we share photos from events, gift ideas for our dancers, and carpooling help!
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You will receive a Recital Handbook with all the information that pertains to the Team!  Inside the handbook you will find Dates, Fees, Commitment and Behavior expectations along with what you can expect from each event for the entire season!  Be sure to keep your handbook close once you receive it.


The GCAPA Dance Team attends 3 regional competition each season at locales 30minutes to 2 hours from the studio. In even years, Solos, Duos, and Trios attend an additional invitational competition and the upper levels attend a national competition.  All information is given out at the first parent meeting of the season.


GCAPA Team Members are required to attend 2 of our many Christmas Performances throughout the season.  They may choose any 2, including the parade.  Dancers who compete in Solos, Duos, and Trios submit their availability at the beginning of the season and a master schedule is created & posted to a private Google Calendar.  These rehearsals are set for weekends or weekdays when dancers, teachers, and studio space are available.


Minimum deposits for competition entry fees are required at the start of the season.  All entry fees are paid 60-90 days ahead of each competition date.  Dancers who participate in Solos, Duos, Trios pay a choreography fee, costume fee, and entry fees.  A master schedule is created at the beginning of the season for these routines based on dancers’ availability.  If additional rehearsals are needed, a small rehearsal fee is paid at the end of the month.


GCAPA Auditions dancers for placement.  Once placed, the groups take their classes together throughout the week.  Dancers do NOT audition to be part of the team.  All Dancers are welcome to dance with their groups based on placement.  The placement auditions are executed by a panel of teachers who have no previous experience with the dancers; no ties and no obligations to anyone.  Interested parties will undergo a private or publicly held audition for palcement.


GCAPA Team Members have different requirements based on age/level.  All Members are required to take Ballet, Technique, Acro, and Tap.  Team members may be required to take Jazz, Lyrical, Acro, Musical Theatre Dance, Tap, and additional Technique classes.   National competition is part of the commitment for upper level dancers in even years.  2 Christmas performances are also required during the season.  Conventions/Workshops may be required based on age/level.


The parents of the GCAPA Dance Team are known as the GCAPA Entourage.  These parents enjoy the camaraderie of the events throughout the season, special logowear exclusive to the parents, and friendships that last long after the kids graduate.   Each family is ask to volunteer 4 hours per dancer throughout the season to helping with props, productions, transporting, and backstage help.

Want to be part of our Team?

Maybe you’re new to town.  Maybe you’re looking for a different experience. Email info@gcapa.net to inquire about getting an audition to be palced on one of our teams.  The GCAPA Dance Team is extremely welcoming to new friends.  As a child who attended 13 schools in as many states growing up, Miss Wendi truly understands the importance of feeling like you belong.  Proper etiquette when leaving a studio is to inform the previous studio owner of your intentions.  We hope the first you attempt to work out your concerns as it is always best to remain with your home studio.  However, if your concerns cannot be improved, we hope that you will feel welcome and open to coming aboard!  Happy Dancing!

This is an exceptionally well-run dance studio. The  staff and teachers are all friendly and accommodating. Wendi is very knowledgeable on dance techniques and is detail-focused. At the same time, she understands how to engage well with young children and get them excited about the routines and why it’s important to master the dance techniques. I also appreciate how Wendi has created an atmosphere where the girls build each other up. I highly recommend this dance school!
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Jackie A.

GCAPA Parent

This is my 11th year at GCAPA, and I was quite literally raised in this studio. All of the teachers are patient and understanding. I am so proud to be a part of the team. Even if I am not looking from the perspective of a parent, I highly appreciate the age-appropriate costumes and choreography because I personally am not comfortable with wearing anything too revealing. I have made many life-lasting friendships and my experience here has been amazing! Awesome studio; 100% recommended!
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Mia S.

GCAPA Student since 2012

Grand Central Academy of Performing Arts truly is our home away from home. My girls have been dancing there since 2017 and they absolutely love it! They not only learn amazingly choreographed routines to perform, but they also learn the art of dance, and are making lifelong friends along the way!
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Karen Hollingsworth

GCAPA Parent

My daughter is in her 6th year of dancing at GCAPA. Her technique, skills, and confidence has grown and developed quickly in this time. She absolutely loves it and always enjoys going to class. My husband and I appreciate the modest and age appropriate costumes and choreography. My daughter and I have both made friendships that will last forever and are truly grateful.
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Kathryn Merz

GCAPA Parent